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and Automation

"We dedicate our resources      to provide technological solutions"

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Solar Energy Integrations

Renewable energy integration, installation and commissioning projects 

Reliable, flexible, innovative and scalable fire safety starts from its components: sensors, initiating devices, annunciators and control panels of integrated systems systems. 

New construction, Modernization equipment, Service and maintenance

video surveillance,

for a smarter and safer world.

Alarm Systems


video monitoring


We offer a complete line of intrusion security solutions, from detectors to signaling devices.

Modernize and innovate your existing and future building management infrastructure with the platform. Our collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) solution includes a scalable, secure and global architecture to make all types of buildings smart. HABAKUKE securely connects hardware, software and services over the Ethernet IP base to help you maximize efficiency, optimize comfort and productivity, and increase building value.

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